Wolf the dog

Two and a half years ago I made a little book about the dog we had when I was a child – he died when I was 6. His name was Wolf, he was black and he was the most amazing dog ever. He was so calm, was never aggressive but was very scared of … More Wolf the dog


For quite some time now I have this thing with cacti. It all started with one cactus I bought and since then it just escalated. I’ve lost count on how much cacti and succulents I have at the moment, but it’s close to 40. All cramped in my little room. During spring this year I … More Cactusladies

Something new.

Hello! I’ve made this blog mainly to talk a bit about my drawing and things I plan/dream to do. But also to talk about illustrators that inspire me or things that catch my eye. For now I’m mainly sketching, I haven’t done anything serious (yet). But I’m planning to change that, even if I didn’t … More Something new.